Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kids Kids Kids

I teach first grade now.  I love it!  I love these kids so much!  All 28 of them!  I wish I could post a million pictures of them and tell you all of their favorite things and how awesome they're all doing, but I can't (privacy laws).  I can tell you some funny things they've said though!  

Me: Hey Josh, are you following the instructions?
Josh: Yes, I'm following the destructions! 

While reading with a kid:
Book: Where did the piglets go? (The picture had little curly tails sticking out of the hay stacks)
Student: They made them into pork chops!!  
I was dying at this one!!  

While walking away from reading groups:
Student: Miss Teichert, you're a pretty good teacher.  

I just wish I could tell you these lines in person!  As I was typing them up I realized that their facial expressions add a lot to these quotes! Haha

Don't be fooled though by the up-beatness of this post.  First grade is hard too.  28 kids is a lot.  Five of them are pretty hard.  But that means that I have 23 that are pretty great!  And let me tell ya, when the stars align and one or two of those five boys have a great day, I am pumped!  So far they've made me smile more than they've made me scream :)  

Also, if you ever need a good confidence boost, teach first grade!  I get told at least 20 times a day that they love me, get about 40 hugs a day, and am constantly told how funny, smart, pretty, ect I am :)  Six and seven-year-olds are the best!

And, because I can't get enough of kids I went home to spend time with my nieces and nephews this weekend.  

Kids+a ski hill=GOLD!  

We had so much fun up Pine Creek!  It was a warm, beautiful day!  Few things make me happier than seeing kids learning to love skiing, and when it's my nieces and nephews it's even better!  

Sunday, November 13, 2016


I've been crappy at blogging lately, but I've been rocking at emailing Tessa on her mission!  I figured I'd just copy and paste part of the letter I wrote to her.  It's a little more raw than my blogs normally are, more personable.  Life's so great :)  
  Tami came on Friday and it was so fun having her!  I just love her!  We had so much fun shopping and talking all evening Friday.  We went to dinner at Zupas and then to Cold Stone where we met up with Mary and Ryan.  When we got home we talked with Ashlee and her sister-in-law for quite a while and talked about how we wish we were as good as you at turning awkward situations onto the other people around you!  Haha!  Every time you get in an awkward situation, you are so good at getting out of it!  Example A: Your birth control shot and Toomer and Thompson.  Example B: When you farted on that date.  I literally have NO examples of getting myself out of humiliating situations.  I normally just make it worse.  haha! Anyways, we were talking and laughing our heads off!  I seriously haven't laughed that hard in quite some time!  Then Tam and I came into my room and talked for far too long!  I slept on the floor and her in my bed.  I love that us sisters all have such awesome relationships.  Seriously.  Taffy is 12 years older than me and Tami 10, and they both have come and had sleepovers with me this semester.  I'm so lucky to have my sisters as my best friends.  
  We shopped all day again Saturday.  It was so fun to shop with her because all I ever shop for is clothes, and I have done NONE of that this semester. (I'm so poor!)  We shopped for all of this fun home decor stuff and storage and home improvement stuff!  So fun!  I just dreamed of how I'm going to decorate my log cabin some day ;)  We left Provo around 3:00 and parted ways.  I went to Taffy's and she went home. 

 I went to Taf's to babysit her kids Sunday.  Her and Tone are in New Zealand and Mom was in charge of the kids.  Well Mom needed to go to Mya's blessing, so I went to get the kids up and dressed and to church and then took them to Angela's.  There's a reason why we have children one at a time.  Zero to 5 overnight probably isn't the best way.  haha!  They were really good though!  We had a little birthday party for Mariah (she turns 8 tomorrow?!)  It was fun and the kids were just so cute!  They were excited to see me, which always makes ya feel good ya know?  Us adults need to love more like kids do.  

  Anyways, I sure love ya Tess!  Sorry there's not much about school, but I figure it would be super boring to you.  My brain is going a million miles an hour about a million things right now though.  Boys, school, future teaching plans, January plans, my next trip, how I'm going to have $5 after I pay rent next month, ya know, all the things :)  I do know that my Savior loves me though.  He wants me to be happy, and he's trying to help me continue to love life!  I'm not sure what He's got up His sleeve on this next one, but it's gotta be good, I'm sure!  In Relief Society today it just really hit me that I need to just rely on him.  I'm just so dang independent that it's killing me to not feel good about what I WANT to do and that I actually NEED to do something else.  I'm going with it though Tess.  I'm taking a leap of faith!  Look out world!  Thanks for always walking by Faith.  Thanks for serving a mission.  I am just so proud of you!  You are definitely toppy on my list of awesome/best people and I feel so blessed that I get to be so close with someone as great as you!  Love you Sis!  Can't wait to hear from you!  Have the best week!!  

Love, Livi :)  

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Student Teaching

Student teaching is well under way and I honestly just had to look at a calendar to tell you that there's only five weeks left.  It's going great! Since my last blog I've switched schools AND grades.  Now I'm at Art City Elementary School in Springville and I'm in 6th grade.  I love 6th graders!  I'm just having so much fun with them!  And what makes it even better is that I totally didn't expect it?!  My mentor teacher, Mrs. Bird, is amazing and we get along so well!  We're all just hitting it off so well!  I'm loving teaching and that's a good thing, cause at this time last year I was thinking the exact opposite!  I definitely needed this teaching experience.  

Along with student teaching comes this monster project that BYU requires you to do.  It's called your Teacher Work Sample.  I won't bore you with the details, but here's the project in all it's glory:

65 pages people.  I hope and pray to never have to do another assignment as long as this one.  Thursday night I finished it up, printed it off, and bought the folder.  Friday morning I turned it in.  Nothing like waiting til the last minute :)  True Livi fashion.  

Life continues to be charmed with multiple trips home, fun nights with friends, lots of time with family, good workouts, great students, fabulous mentors, and decent amounts of sleep.  

p.s.  I've always wondered how parents kept track of their babies exact ages until recently I realized that every time someone asks me how long Tessa's been gone I know the answer right down to the day.  I save myself the embarrassment and tell them the most accurate month count.  I think I need an intervention... 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Back At It!

I just started my fourth week of my last semester at BYU.  So crazy to think about that.  I don't say my last week of school, cause who knows?!  I just might be crazy enough to go back someday, but probably not to BYU.  So I feel like I'm safe to say that.  I'm really loving school.  More that I thought I would.  My last in the classroom experience was hard.  Really hard.  And I questioned if teaching was for me or not.  Well, I've been through 3 weeks in a second grade class at Barnett Elementary School in Payson, UT, and I'm loving it!  I feel like I'm thriving down there instead of just surviving!  I'm excited about my lessons and I LOVE those kids!  Who knew you could love a bunch of 7 year olds in such a short amount of time?!  I'm also loving actually getting ready and wearing teacher-y clothes :)  Still had to take a first day of school pic to send to my mom!  Ha

While I'm loving my schooling part of being back at it, school most definitely does NOT rule my life!  I've been loving the things of my single/college/BYU/Provo life.  

One of my favorite things of being back is the gym.  I got a pass to VASA this semester and it's been so nice!  I don't ever have to wait for weights or machines, and it's literally a block and a half from my apartment.  

I'm loving my roommates!  I knew Ashlee (the super cute blonde on the left) a little bit, and we both met Jessi (the babe on the right) when we moved in.  We had a fun ice cream party on Wednesday night with a bunch of our friends, and it was a hit!  It was so fun for me to meet more of their friends and to see some of mine.  We're definitely doing it again next month :)  I also really love our apartment and ward.  Everything about it is great!  

My mom has already been down to visit twice, and there's no complaints here!  I LOVE when she comes!  This past weekend we hiked Timp and did our center street walk.  We found this fun bookstore down there!  Pioneer Book.  So great!  I'm not a lover of reading, so for me to say that is a pretty big deal...

I'm enjoying concocting my own meals again.  I've had some interesting ones.  The most random one was probably taco meat with spinach, brown rice, and plain greek yogurt.  It was actually quite a bit better than in sounds!  I also have no clue what I would do without eggs.  I've eaten at least one every single day.  

I've also just loved being back at the Y.  I really do love BYU.  I love the campus, I love going to the games, I just love the spirit of this place.  I'm not like a psycho fan or anything, but I'm so so glad I came to school here.  I've met so many good people here and while I'm not going to stay here forever, I'll forever be thankful for the time I have spent here.  It's definitely special to me.   

My cousin Sadie is finally down here at school too, and it's been fun to do some things with her!  I just love how comfortable I can be around here and we've had fun on a few hikes.  I've also been able to do some things with Liz Dayton from Cokeville, and that's been fun for me to get to know her better.  She's a great girl!  

Life is really good right now.  I'm really feeling content with what's happening, and I feel like it's God's way of letting me know that I'm on the right track.  I'm thankful for that.  

A Year Ago Today

So right now Facebook does this awesome thing where they remind you what happened on this day a year ago, or two, or seven years ago.  It's really fun, and you have the option to share it.  I don't think I've ever shared one, but today one put me in tears.  

This picture was taken the week Tessa started her mission papers. I hadn't completely come to terms with the idea, although I knew that that's what she was supposed to do.  I was determined to be supportive and help her in any way I could.  We spent this whole day together, just the two of us up in the mountains.  We hardly crossed paths with anyone, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  We just talked and talked as we enjoyed being out in God's beautiful creations.  I just wished the day would never end.

 So, you can imagine what happened when I opened my Facebook this morning (which I rarely do before I leave the house).  I immediately started bawling.  All those emotions from that day came back.  A year ago I honestly had no idea how hard it was going to be for me to have Tessa gone. I knew it would be hard, but wow!  She was my workout partner, my grocery buddy, my conversation at dinner, my confidant, my best friend.  It's definitely been another adjustment to be at school without her.  Obviously I'm doing it, and it really is going well, it's just different.  And I miss her a lot.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

If I could change one thing about myself...

So I try not to play this little game because it's not very good on my confidence, but recently I've really been wishing I was more witty.  Wouldn't it be great if I was cracking you guys up all the time?!  Basically the only person who thinks I'm funny is Tessa.  And she's been gone for forever and is probably never coming home... 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Green River

So I've never really thought much about the Green River, but this year I've been able to be right on it 3 different times?!  It's not super duper exciting or anything, but I thought it was pretty neat :)  

First, I helped the Child's cross sheep over a bridge on the Green River.  It was the coolest old bridge, and it's always a great day when you're with the Child crew!  

Then I went camping and hiking down in Moab with Kalbie and we pitched our tent right down by the Green River!  

We also got to see it when we were at Dead Horse Point.  

The end of July I had the opportunity to go camping with my parents and Tami and Casey's family at Green River Lakes.  This is the head of the Green River.  The setting of the lakes was absolutely beautiful!  Well, I guess I only got to see the lower lake, but some day I'll be back and see the other one :)